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05 August 2014 @ 11:57 am


So I decided to make an icon batch revolving around my noncanon ships for Teen Wolf. These are pretty basic, I'm hoping to make some more complex ones later on!

EDIT 8/8/14: There IS going to be a part 2 with Sterek and Derek/Lydia Stiles! Also, if there's a ship you'd like to see, noncanorn or from the show, let me know and I'll see what I can do :)

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29 July 2014 @ 08:37 am
Andy Black | They Don't Need To Understand music video caps
1069 caps/1920x1080/JPEG format

So I wanted to share these, simply for Andy Biersack's pretty pretty face. Expect an icon batch from these.

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16 July 2014 @ 10:52 am
Bitten // Chicago PD // Orphan Black // The Red Road // True Blood // Teen Wolf

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20 June 2014 @ 11:10 am
25 Teen Wolf icons

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06 June 2014 @ 11:29 am
Now these I can say that I'm proud of! Hope you guys enjoy, and expect the next post to be like 100% Teen Wolf, because I am now ADDICTED.

Being Human // Bitten // Byzantium // Perks of Being a Wallflower
Shameless US // Supernatural // Teen Wolf // The Walking Dead

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03 May 2014 @ 02:47 pm
New icons! God, but these so aren't my best. I need to get back into the swing of making icons...hope you enjoy these though!

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28 April 2014 @ 12:15 pm

Hey guys!
So the hiatus should almost be over. I've been sick with bronchitis and then my laptop dies and I had to get a universal cord for an old laptop...it's been a mess. But I'm trying to get inspiration back to make icons and I hope to have a new batch for you very soon!

06 March 2014 @ 10:37 am